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Coaches and Mentors

Israel worshiped the Lord throughout Joshua’s lifetime and as long as the elderly men who outlived him remained alive. These men had experienced firsthand everything the Lord had done for Israel.
Joshua 24:31 NET

Coaching and mentoring is something that is sought after and desired in many areas of life. You can have sports coaches, business coaches, consultants and mentors for almost everything.

And, this isn’t new. Godly men have shown young men how to live for God for along time.

They do this by their example and because they have spent many years following the Lord. They can share wisdom and insights so someone younger, if they listen, will navigate this life without making some mistakes and stifiling what God wants to do in their life.

This is what the Children of Israel had in the time of Joshua. The people of that time followed the Lord as long as the older men who were around and saw what the Lord had done during Joshua’s time lived.

These older men, because of their experience with the Lord and mentoring, helped to keep people on track.

In the same manner, we should surround ourselves with older people (in the Lord, not years), who love and trust the Lord. We should want to be around people that inspire us to live a godly life and who inspire us to walk in the Spirit.

If you consider yourself a Believer, and don’t desire that, then something is wrong. You might not want to be around other godly Believers because you aren’t truly living for the Lord.

Don’t do that! Seek God with your whole heart! There is nothing in this world that could take the place of Jesus’ love for you.

Seek to read His Word, pray and be around people that will encourage you in the Lord!

Father, thank You for other men and women that You put into my life to help encourage and inspire me to live boldly for You. Help me to be that for someone else too.


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