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Clean House

3 Samuel said to all the people of Israel, “If you are really turning to the Lord with all your hearts, remove from among you the foreign gods and the images of Ashtoreth. Give your hearts to the Lord and serve only him. Then he will deliver you from the hand of the Philistines.” 4 So the Israelites removed the Baals and images of Ashtoreth. They served only the Lord.
1 Samuel 7:3-4 NET

For some, there comes a time when they have tried everything and nothing seems to meet their needs, nothing seems to satisfy. Then, they are ready to come to the Lord.

The Israelites realized they needed the Lord. They cried out to Him and Samuel told them what they needed to do. They needed to clean house!

They needed to get rid of all the false gods that they we’re serving. And they did!

The act showed that they were serious. It wasn’t a knee jerk reaction. They took time to remove things from their life that shouldn’t have been there.

Then, they went to the Lord.

And He answered their prayers and defeated the Philistines.

Are there things that you need to do to clean house in your own life? Are there things lingering behind that are not pleasing to God? Why not just remove them?

Clean house and make room for God. He never let’s you down and always comes through.

Father, I thank You that I can honor You with my whole life. I pray that everything I offer is pleasing to You.


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