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Can You Here Him Now?

23 But take heed; behold, I have told you everything in advance.

Mark 13:23 NASB

God isnt one for surprises. He doesnt want to dupe you in any way. The Lord wants you informed and aware. That is why He always let’s His people know what is happening.

The reason people get caught off guard is because their focus is on so many other things. Life has a way of getting your attention. The problem is that your attention should always be on God!

It is an issue of passion and desire. If you are focused on the world, you will miss out on what God is doing. Not focusing on the things of God caused the people of Israel a lot of problems. But when they put God first, they were blessed.

Is God really first in your life or do you just say He is. God doesn’t care about lip service. He is looking for obedience. He looks inside the person, straight to the heart!

What can you do to put Him first today? How can you make that part of your everyday? He deserves it! He desires it! There is nothing more important than your relationship with Him. 

And when you are right with Him, He will blesses you by showing you what you need to know. He has told you in advance…

Lord, thank You for showing us what You are doing in advance. Give us ears to hear Your voice in this world. Help us to always put You first in everything we do.


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