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But Give Me Jesus

4 The Lord told Jeremiah, “Tell Baruch, ‘The Lord says, “I am about to tear down what I have built and to uproot what I have planted. I will do this throughout the whole earth. 5 Are you looking for great things for yourself? Do not look for such things. For I, the Lord, affirm that I am about to bring disaster on all humanity. But I will allow you to escape with your life wherever you go.”’”
Jeremiah 45:4-5 NET

Baruch was Jeremiah’s assistant or secretary. The poor guy had to write down all the words of doom and destruction that God gave Jeremiah.

Hearing all of that can probably be pretty depressing, even if you are the secretary to the prophet of God.

But Baruch apparently wasn’t just taking to heart what he was writing down. Apparently, he wanted something more for himself, something greater. Here, Jeremiah gives him a message from the Lord directly, which he still happened to write down.

God told him that he would experience the destruction of Jerusalem, but he would still survive and be able to go where he wanted.

When it is all said and done, what is important to you? Are you only happy with all the trappings of life, or is your relationship with God the most important thing?

Someday, this world, all its riches and glory will fade away. But Jesus will always stay the same. And those who have made Him Lord, will be there with Him.

“Take the world but give me Jesus.”

When your life is so wrapped up in this world and the desires of this world that Jesus isn’t first, you have a problem.

You have a bigger problem if you use your relationship with Jesus to gain those earthly desires in some way.

You have to trust Him! You have to trust Jesus more than anything! You need to know that if everything in your world fell apart, that you still have EVERYTHING because you still have Jesus!

Draw close to Him today and everyday.

Lord, help me keep my eyes on You. When I am overwhelmed and frail, help me to find comfort and rest in You. I trust You Lord with my life.


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