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Brought and Led

They *brought to Him one who was deaf and spoke with difficulty, and they *implored Him to lay His hand on him. Mark 7:32 NASB

There are many healings in the Gospels. In many of the accounts, the sick, under their own power came to Jesus.

But there were some that were brought to Him, some on beds, some led by the hand and others who advocated for the sick.

The healings were life changing for those that were healed. But don’t forget to look at those who helped get the sick there!

Friends, family and maybe even strangers made an effort to get the sick to Jesus.

Don’t overlook your efforts to point and get others to come to Jesus. You can’t force someone to repent of their sins and accept Jesus, but you can point them to Jesus!

You can be salt and light. You can be a voice for the Lord.

You do this by your deeds and actions. You do this by what you show is important. You do this by what comes out of your mouth.

Every believer has this call on their life! Are you pointing others to Jesus?

Father, I pray that through my words and actions that others might come to You.

Peace, Todd

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