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Bringing It

He has also conferred his favor on me before the king, his advisers, and all the influential leaders of the king. I gained strength as the hand of the Lord my God was on me, and I gathered leaders from Israel to go up with me.
Ezra 7:28 NET

We are always looking for the next “thing” that will help move the needle for us. Whatever it might be, we hope that we can gain an advantage in this life.

But there is no greater advantage than having the favor of the Lord on your side.

Ezra was a scribe who studied the law of Moses and was faithful to God. God used him in a mighty way to bring people back to Jerusalem and help rebuild the temple.

Along with people, the King of Persia allowed him to acquire whatever he needed. God was moving the hand of the king, to use Ezra to bless His people.

God doesn’t just bless you to give you a nice devotional thought. He blesses you so that you use what He has given you, whatever resource that might be, to bless others in His name.

How can you change your outlook today to be outward focused?

Ask the Lord to help you understand what blessings He has given you and how He wants you to use them to bring glory to His name.

Ezra’s mission wasn’t about Ezra. Just like it isn’t all about you! What is the Father doing in you and through you?

He can use anything, anyone at anytime!

Be open and on the lookout for how He will use you today!

Father, thank You that I get the privilege to bring You glory today. Sometimes I get caught up in myself and my circumstances. Forgive me for those times. Instead, let me always look to You and bring You glory.


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