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Whoever brings blessing will be enriched, and one who waters will himself be watered.
Proverbs 11:25 ESV

In this world where many people look out for themselves, the Bible is so contrary.

The Bible says that if you are a blessing, you yourself will be enriched or blessed.

Do you look for ways to be a blessing? Or is it a chore?

If you desire to be a blessing, ask the Lord to show you opportunities where you can bless others.

Sometimes it will be a big event, other times it will be something so small that you wouldn’t think you were a blessing, but you were.

Choose to live a life of blessing others. It doesn’t cost money, just a willing heart to listen and obey Jesus.

How can you be a blessing today?

Father, let me be a blessing to others today and everyday. As I go, let me shine Your light.


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