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I will do these things to you because you engaged in prostitution with the nations, polluting yourself with their idols.
Ezekiel 23:30 NET

God is a jealous lover. We don’t always think of Him in those terms. But we must understand that He will not share you with anyone or anything.

In fact, if you have experienced His love and mercy, and then went off to do things on your own again, He considers that the same as prostitution. He considers it betrayal.

Understand, His desire for you is to be blessed. He knows that the best place for you is right in the middle of His Presence. He sent His Son to die on a cross to make a way for you to stay right in the middle of His Presence.

When you veer off, when you go astray, when other things become more important than God and what He has said to you in His Word and by His Spirit, it is a betrayal of the best that God has given you.

And like the Jews experienced in Ezekiel’s day, there is a time when this Jealous God will deal with it. If you don’t know the story, the real life story, it wasn’t good!

This loving, merciful God will deal with things to make them right. That is His goal! Not to punish you because you are bad or did bad, but to put some pressure on you so that you will remember His goodness and coming running back to Him.

Is it time to come back to Him? Now is the perfect time!

Father, thank You for forgiving us when we chase after other lovers. Thank You for making a way to always be acceptable to You through the blood and sacrigice of Jesus Christ. I desire to honor You always. Help me to live my life through the power of the Holy Spirit so that I will always bring You glory.

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