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Being Purposeful

About noon the next day, while they were on their way and approaching the city, Peter went up on the roof to pray.
Acts 10:9 NET

Acts chapter 10 is great at showing us how God orchestrates events behind the scenes.

Cornelius was praying and God sent an angel to him to send people to get Peter in Joppa.

Peter was praying in Joppa and the Lord told him in a vision to accept Gentile believers and to go with the men that would show up.

The common factor here is that they were both praying and seeking God. They were both putting themselves in a place where God could speak to them. And just as important, they we’re obedient!

When you pray, just don’t go to the Lord with a long list of wants. Listen and watch for what He is doing.

Trust that you are putting yourself in a position that you can hear from Him. Purpose that you will be obedient to do what He asks you to do or what you feel He is moving you to do.

Cornelius brought together his whole family. Peter brought other Christians from Joppa. They all saw God move in an awesome way!

Because of their obedience and prayer, God was glorified and praised! And that is a great thing to witness!

Pray. Listen. Obey. Watch. Glorify. Praise. Let God use you!

Father, thank You that You use us to show Your glory here on this Earth. We are fragile and imperfect, but You use us to shine. Let us burn brightly for You!


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