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Behind the Scenes

I am the Lord, I have no peer,
there is no God but me.
I arm you for battle, even though you do not recognize me.
Isaiah 45:5 NET

God is always working! Sometimes you see Him and notice His work. Other times, He is behind the scenes and you don’t realize He is right in the midst of your situation and circumstances.

But one thing you need to realize is that He is always for you! That is what we see in Scripture, that is what we experience in life.

Even when the Jews were headed to Babylon during the Babylonian Exile, He was working behind the scenes. He had in place who He wanted in place.

He used Babylon, the Persians, the Greeks, the Romans, etc, etc, in His plan.

He is right in the midst of your situation too! Just because you are going through a little discomfort and stress, doesn’t mean He isn’t right there!

We as Believers need to seek Him at all times! We need to be obedient and walk in the leading of the Holy Spirit.

There is freedom in knowing that Jesus has you! And remember, this world isn’t all there is. This world is a temporary place, a short stop as we head towards our final destination.

He has you!

Father, help me to turn my attention, not on what I see and hear, but on You and Your ways. I thank You that You have my very best interest at heart, not just for a certain time, but for all eternity.


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