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Asking the Question

King Agrippa, do you believe the Prophets? I know that you do.” Acts 26:27 NASB

There are questions and there are questions. Some fill space and others lead someone to eternal life.

Paul was giving his defense to Festus and King Agrippa. Festus was looking for something to write to Rome as Paul had earlier appealed to Caesar.

Paul could have softened the blow of his message and just given a nice history lesson, but instead, he spoke of his conversion, repentance and resurrection.

He then asked King Agrippa if he believed!

We should all be asking that question to those in our circle. We should all point others to Jesus and salvation.

This isn’t something for Apostles or preachers only. We are all called to share the message at the opportune time. And now is the perfect time!

Have you accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior?

Repent of your sin, ask Jesus to come into your heart, and start living according to His Word. His Spirit and the Word will lead you the rest of the way.

What are you waiting for? Your eternal life lays in the balance.

Father, help me be a light that points others to You and help me to ask others the most important question more easily.

Peace, Todd

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