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For whoever is ashamed of me and of my words, of him will the Son of Man be ashamed when he comes in his glory and the glory of the Father and of the holy angels.
Luke 9:26 ESV

When I was young, I didn’t want my actions to embarrass my parents or cause them to be ashamed of me. That doesn’t mean I was perfect. I messed up many times!

But the understanding that my actions could cause them to be ashamed probably saved me from making worse decisions. And, I didn’t like the idea that after my shameful actions, I would have to face them and explain myself.

But one day, and it’s coming soon, I will stand before God the Father. And this is where my life, my actions truly counts!

Any shame I could feel in front of my parents is nothing compared to this day that is coming!

When we are in front of the Throne, Jesus will be standing right next to us.

The way we believed and the way we responded to Him here on Earth will determine if He advocates for us in front of the Father.

If we were ashamed of Jesus, His work on the cross and living for Him daily, He said He would be ashamed of us!

This means He will have nothing to say to the Father on behalf of you!

How scary will that be?????

But, if you lived for Him here on Earth. If you weren’t ashamed to count yourself as a Christian. If you lived your life boldly, taking up your cross and following Him, then He will have a lot to say to the Father on your behalf!

And what Jesus says in that moment will mean everything! I mean everything!!!

Reflecting on your life right now, what do you think Jesus would say to the Father? If you’re not sure, then you need to adjust your life to Him!

You don’t get another audience with the God of All Creation about this!

Father, help me to always put You first in every thought, decision and action. Give me the grace to live boldly for You now. There is nothing else I desire more.


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