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As You Work…

May the Lord reward your work, and your wages be full from the Lord, the God of Israel, under whose wings you have come to seek refuge.”
Ruth 2:12 NASB

Ruth left everything she knew and stayed with her mother-in-law as she traveled back to the land of Israel. 

They were poor. So poor that she had to glean, picking up the grain that the workers in the field dropped on the ground, to get enough food for her and Noemi to eat.

In being faithful and working hard, she caught the attention of Boaz. He blessed her and even provided more opportunities to pick up grain and be safe from someone who might want to do her harm while she was out gleaning.

What actually turned Boaz’ attention to Ruth? Was it her hard work, her love for Noemi, her willingness to humble herself? Or was it all of it? 

There is no doubt that God had a plan here. We know that because Boaz plays in the lineage of King David. But God uses people. And since He doesn’t force us to do His will, He uses people who are willing to get out and be faithful, obedient, honoring, etc… to walk in His ways and accomplish His will.

Are you making yourself available to God’s will as you are faithful, obedient, work hard and seek Him? Do you make time to hear Him or identify His voice? 

He is always working in and around you. Expect His move and see what happens! He will blow you away!

Lord, use me today. As I go out, help me to be faithful to Your Word. And as I go, let me hear Your voice and accomplish Your will.


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