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As You Wait

As for me, I will wait continually,
and will continue to praise you.
Psalms 71:14 NET

Waiting is the hardest. No one likes to wait around, especially when there is work to do or expectations to meet.

But the Believer would be wise to wait on the Lord and His leading. If not, they might find themselves spinning their wheels or going off in a direction that the Lord didn’t want.

So, the Christian should learn to wait on the Lord. Wait and listen.

And while the Believer waits and while they listen, they should praise Him!

Praise focuses the attention on God. It keeps the mind from wandering. It fills the heart and reminds us of how great our God is. He is worthy to be praised!

As you wait for the Lord’s next step for your life, listen and praise.

Open your mouth. Let it come from your heart, mind and spirit and praise Him.

Father, thank You for guiding my steps. Thank You for revealing Your plan to me. As You reveal Yourself, accept my praise. You alone are worthy.


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