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Answered Prayer

Update on yesterday – I’m sitting in a cool house! God is good!

Yesterday, we lost our AC. I was worried that it was the compressor, which is expensive and well, I have big bills coming up to pay for.

I prayed and tried to keep things in perspective. God came through in a form of a friend who had an AC guy.

He was quick and honest and let me know it was just a capicator that had blown. A little can smaller than a Campbell’s Soup can was the problem.

Before he told me the issue, I had my heart made up that I needed to trust in God regardless of the big bills coming up. Somehow it would all work out, even if I didn’t see it or know the final outcome yet.

God answers prayer! He loves you!

He didn’t set the world in motion and then leave His creation. He’s not sitting up in Heaven throwing thunderbolts and laughing at us when we mess up.

He is actively engaged in the lives of His people. He always has been. Just read the Bible! He was always calling His people, His children back to a right relationship with Him.

But sometimes, things don’t turn out as smoothly as they did for me this time. Sometimes it seems like God didn’t answer prayer, like He was busy or something and didn’t care!

In those times you need to know that He has a little different plan for you than you might think.

He might want you to learn to trust Him more. He might want to teach you something about His character. He might be trying to get your attention after a time when you’ve been neglecting your relationship with Him.

Again, all those reasons are in the Bible!

You need to understand and settle in your heart that God knows that the best place for you is right in the center of His will. He wants you there!

Sometimes we think we know what’s best. We might have a really well thought out plan, but God’s plans are way better than you can ever come up with!

He is interested in the long game. He sees who you will be, not who you are. He sees what you will accomplish for Him, not what you are currently doing.

If He didn’t withhold His only Son to die to take away Your sins, He won’t deny a prayer prayed in faith and righteousness.

Seek Him through prayer. Trust that He will answer you. Know that He has your best interest at heart. Align your ways to His Word and truly live for Him!

God comes through for you! Sometimes exactly like we want, other times exactly like He wants. But He comes through.

Father, thank You that I can live in Your will. Thank You that You love me so much that You are active in my life, that You care about every moment.


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