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An Avoidable Mistake

David told Joab and the leaders of the army, “Go, count the number of warriors from Beer Sheba to Dan. Then bring back a report to me so I may know how many we have.”
1 Chronicles 21:2 NET

It happens to the best of us, even King David! We see a problem in front of us and instead of going to the Lord to ask for His help and trust Him, we try to take care of it on our own!

David was dealing with an enemy force. Instead of going to the Lord, like he had done many times before, he took matter into his own hands.

He asked his general, Joab, to count the army.

He wanted to be ready. He wanted to meausre up his army against this enemy. He wanted to plan it all out, be strategic, and win the day.

But in taking matters into his own hands, he chose not to trust in the Lord!

And guess what? God had a problem with that!

The Lord wants us to trust him. And He will teach us that lesson, his children, even if it means a little pain to get us to pay attention!

God was not happy with David. He sent a plague that killed 70,000 people.

Understand that! David’s untrusting act cost 70,000 lives.

God knows what is best for you. You shouldn’t worry so much about handling every little thing that comes up, but instead, you should learn to obey and trust what He has for you.

What the Lord has for you, what He can do for you, is a million times better than what you could muster up on your own.

Trust Him today and everyday!

The Lord is mighty to save!

What do you need to trust Him in today?

Father, it is hard to trust when problems are right in my face. But I know that the best thing for me is to trust You no matter what I see or feel. Give me a heart that is completely Yours and give me a mind that moves out of the way to see your power manifested in everyday life.


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