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When I cried out for help, you answered me.
You made me bold and energized me.
Psalms 138:3 NET

Sometimes stopping and waiting on the Lord is your best action!

Read that again and let it sink in!

Sometimes stopping and waiting on the Lord is your best action!

It goes against our nature. We want to get up and do stuff! We want to get it done. And because we do, we mess things up more.

There are times when God says, “Stop and wait on me and watch Me take care of it.”

A good father wants to do good things for their child. How much more does God, The Father, want to do good and bless His people?

Are you walking in His ways? No really? Do you give Him the time, praise and glory He deserves? Or do you just give Him an hour on Sunday morning…if that?

It’s amazing how many don’t give Jesus the time of day on a regular basis, but when all Hell breaks loose, they wonder why it’s happening!

Listen! When we wait on the Lord, when we seek Him, when we obey His Word, our lives start to align with Him.

And that is the key! Many times our alignment is off and waiting on Him, spending time with Him, allows us to change our perspective and see things from His point of view.

Jesus promised to never leave or forsake you. You have that promise. If it feels like that right now, you are out of alignment.

Spend time with Him and get aligned!

Father, give me the desire to always want to be in Your Presence. Help that desire to be my first reaction, my default. Thank You that You are always there, no matter what is happening around me!


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