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Jotham grew powerful because he was determined to please the Lord his God.
2 Chronicles 27:6 NET

There are many books, courses and seminars that will help someone become a better leader and successful in business. This is a big money maker because many would like to find that one thing that will help them become better.

But for the Christian, the key isn’t reading another book or purchasing a course. The key is serving and pleasing the Lord.

The Lord will make your way successful when you choose to live for Him with your whole heart.

Jotham became King of Judah and he lived his life to be pleasing to Him. Because of this desire, the Lord made Jotham powerful and he succeeded in all he did.

This is true for Believers today. When we live our lives to please the Lord, when our decisions are based on His Word and we seek direction from the Holy Spirit, He will make us successful.

Now, He doesn’t make us successful in the sense of becoming rich and famous. We are successful in accomplishing what He wants for our lives.

And what the Lord wants for your life is greater than what you want for your own life. The best place for you is right in the middle of His will.

Align yourself with His ways and you will notice the difference! His ways are so much better than our ways.

How can you align or realign your life with the Lord today?

Father, thank You that You are watching for those who would live boldly for You. You search for those aligned to your ways and bless them. Help me to put You first always. And make my steps successful as I walk the path You have laid before me.


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