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And what I say to you, I say to everyone: Be alert!”
Mark 13:37 NET

In the beginning of Mark 13, Jesus mentioned that the temple would be destroyed. The disciples come privately to Him, to ask when it would happen.

Jesus provides a lot of information that you should read and know, but He ends with the admonition to “be alert!”

This is important! We get busy. We add things to our lives. We live here on this Earth and think THIS IS LIFE.

This, all of this, is temporary. The true Believer is waiting for Eternity.

And we should be alert so we don’t get caught up in the affairs of this world to the point that we lose sight of the fact that we are citizens of Heaven.

One day He will split the sky and come back for His people.

On that day, there will be two groups of people looking up at the sky.

One group will look up and realize that “all this Jesus stuff” was real. They will realize that they missed it, as they lived for their own desires. They will be full of dread because they will realize it is too late.

The other group will look up and rejoice. The problems of this world will melt away. They will be ready to fly and leave for home.

Be in the second group. Be alert. Be ready. The day will come sooner than you think. It will happen in a flash!

Father, I look forward to the day when the trumpet sounds and the sky splits open. Until that day, help me to fulfill the mission You have given me on this Earth. Come soon Lord Jesus!


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