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So Mary said, “Yes, I am a servant of the Lord; let this happen to me according to your word.” Then the angel departed from her.
Luke 1:38 NET

Mary received a word from the angel that she was going to become pregnant with the Son of God. This took more faith than many realize.

In those days, a young girl showing up pregnant, was a serious offense. It doesn’t matter that she told everyone that she was pregnant by the “Holy Spirit.” Who would believe that?

No, something like this would cause the village to turn on her, take her out of the city and stone her to death!

She knew this! But still she wanted whatever the Lord wanted for her life, whatever that was going to mean for her, easy or not! She was the Lord’s servant.

We might not get a visit from an angel, but the Lord still calls us for a purpose and to live according to His ways.

Do we respond like Mary, a young teenage girl, who said, “I am Your servant?” Or do we argue, deal and complain to God?

The path that the Lord asks You to walk will require faith. He will stretch you. There are times when you won’t like it. But He knows what He is doing.

He has a plan for your life. That plan will require you to have faith. He gives you opportunities to build on your faith, to prepare you for His plan.

Later, Mary had to have faith to see her Son crucified and trust that God would raise Him from the dead.

As you look back on your life in the Lord, can you identify what He’s been doing to help you grow in your faith? And, what is He doing in your life right now that is requiring faith?

Lord, I know I can’t always see ahead to what You have for me. Help me to trust and believe in faith. I know that no matter what the circumstances may look like, You are in control.


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