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A Word to Obey?

Jeremiah said to Zedekiah, “If I answer you, you will certainly kill me. If I give you advice, you will not listen to me.”
Jeremiah 38:15 NET

Jeremiah was always obedient to the Lord. But He didn’t have it easy. The officials didn’t like the message that was given to him from the Lord. They treated him badly and even put him in a cistern of mud.

Surrounded by the Babylonians, King Zedekiah had a secret meeting with him to inquire of the Lord. Jeremiah said what we have here in verse 15.

Did the king obey the word of the Lord? Spoiler Alert**** No he didn’t!

People are so stubborn! God wants to help you, provide for you, prepare you for what is coming, but most don’t listen!

What do you do with what the Lord tells you? Are you like so many others who hear it and then ignore it? Or do you adjust your life to it and experience what God has for you?

It’s all about being obedient to Him! It’s that simple!

God is not silent! Even today, He is speaking. He speaks through His Word, sermons, circumstances, other people, etc.

As Christians, we need to be discerning and make sure the word we are hearing is truly from God.

But then when we confirm it, we need to obey it?

This is important… God doesn’t give you a word to make you feel warm and tingly inside. He gives you a word so that you will be obedient and He can use you to further His Kingdom.

What has He said to you lately? If you can’t point to anything recently, what was the last thing you felt the Lord said? Remember, a word from Him will always line up with what the Bible says. This is another reason to know His Word.

What do you need to do to obey Him today? Don’t delay in doing it!

Lord, thank You for loving us enough to speak into our lives. You care so much about us that You don’t withhold any good thing. Help us to stand in a generation that doesn’t honor or care about Your Word. Find us faithful Oh God!


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