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A Fair Judge

He judges the world fairly;
he makes just legal decisions for the nations.
Psalms 9:8 NET

In a world of corruption, God the Father is a fair Judge. But it is important to understand that He IS a Judge.

A judge will make their rulings by a set of laws. God the Father will do the same. His laws? They are found in His Word. And He will judge the entire world according to what He has set in His Word.

But what about grace? What about mercy? He gives that freely to His children, to those who love and obey Him. And who are they? Jesus said if You love Me, you will keep my commands (John 14:23-24). Again, it goes back to His Word.

Don’t miss this! So many people will be disappointed on Judgement Day because they believe or have been told that God is a grandfatherly type person who just wants to put the world on His knee and bounce them up and down. They will be mistaken because He is a Judge.

On that day He will ask those people, I gave you my Word, why didn’t you obey it? Why did you live the way YOU wanted to and didn’t live the way I asked you to?

Why would the Father want anyone who is disobedient to go to Heaven? Heaven is this perfect place of people who love and follow Him. You do that now! You don’t start doing that after you die or go to Heaven.

A complete change of heart is needed. But if you desire it, He will give it to you. He will give you the Holy Spirit to help you.

He is a Judge. And Jesus has paid the price for your sin. Start living for Him!

Lord, I pray that I will be faithful to Your Word. In a world that anything goes, but where Your people are rejected and made fun of, help me stay strong be faithful.


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