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A Day Is Coming

Finally the Lord rejected Israel just as he had warned he would do through all his servants the prophets. Israel was deported from its land to Assyria and remains there to this very day.
2 Kings 17:23 NET

You can’t play God! He is not a fool! There comes a time when He has had enough and He removes His divine protection and brings down a final judgement.

This happened to the Northern Kingdom of Israel. For years they had worshipped other gods. They turned from following the One True God and worshipped wood and metal instead.

God finally had enough and used the Assyrian Empire to conquer then and send them into exile, to a foreign land. Assyria also moved foreigners into the land of Israel to settle there.

God will do the same again! He will get to the point where He has had enough and will send Jesus for His final victory. Believers will go to Heaven and non-believers will be exiled to Hell.

And the thing is, you get to choose where you go now by the way you live your life!

If you give your heart to Jesus and live your life for Him, according to the ways it is provided for you in the Word of God, you go to Heaven. If not, you choose Hell.

Just like the Israelites, the way you live now matters! Don’t play games with God!

Father, help me to be a light to those who are looking for direction to live for You. Help me to point them to You, so they can know You more.


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