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He Took It All

All of us like sheep have gone astray,
Each of us has turned to his own way;
But the Lord has caused the iniquity of us all
To fall on Him.
Isaiah 53:6 NASB

God is God. There is a way that we are supposed to respond to Him. But we naturally don’t walk close to God. Our flesh is easily swayed to the things that don’t glorify God. We sin, against God, against others and against ourselves.

So God needs to deal with our sin. We deserve punishment. But the Lord took all our sin and placed it on Jesus. He died on the cross to pay the debt of our sin!

Do I live differently because I understand what Jesus did for me? Do I orient my life to be obedient and walk in faith because Jesus died on the cross for me?

I hope I never take for granted the grace and love that the Father has given me. I hope that I never get my eyes off of Jesus and what it means to be His. Why or How could I do that?

Unfortunately, I know people, supposedly Christians, who have. They once lived boldly for God, now they live mediocre lives of faith.

I know this is a judgment, but it is what I see. The fruit of their walk with God is not there.

How can someone treat God’s grace with contempt? A little compromise here, a little there. By the time you know it…

Stay focused. Remember what Jesus did. Remember that sin will be dealt with in the end. You can let Jesus take care of it, or you can pay for it on your own.

Lord, help me to always be thankful for the grace and mercy You have poured out on me.

I pray for my friends and people I have known that at one time walkwd with You. I pray for conviction. Not so they are condemned, but so that they realize they need to come running back to You.


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