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Your Legacy

Man is like a breath; his days are like a passing shadow.
Psalms 144:4 ESV

Here’s a news flash for you, you’re going to die!  You might not want to hear that.  You might not like to consider the fact that you won’t be alive here on this Earth at some point, but it’s the truth!

The Psalmist poetically said, “man is like a breath.”  One second you breathe in, the next you breathe out and then on to the next one.

The thing is, when you’re gone, all you’ve worked for is gone too!  Yeah, it will live on in your kids and what you’ve passed down, but that is only a shadow of who you were here on this Earth.  No one is an exact copy!

There are many leadership gurus that write and talk about how you can leave a legacy.  This makes us feel a little better.  We might leave an organization, a foundation, a lot of money, get our names in the history books and all that.  But it will fade after a generation.

What will last is what you do for Jesus.  Because what you do for Jesus transcends your life and even this Earth.  What you do for Jesus, what you do for His Kingdom is eternal.

It won’t be that big of a deal if you are known 50-100 years after you die here on this Earth.  At least not compared to eternity.  There, 1000 years is just getting started!  Imagine someone coming up to you after you’ve been in Heaven for 1000 years and they say, “I’m here because you were faithful to share the Gospel message with so and so, who shared it with me!”

That’s treasure in Heaven!

What are you doing now that will last for all eternity?

Father, thank You for the opportunity to know and share the Gospel.  Help me to influence and proclaim Your goodness here so that Heaven would have more citizens in eternity.


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