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The Lord responded to Joshua, “Get up! Why are you lying there face down? Israel has sinned; they have violated my covenantal commandment! They have taken some of the riches; they have stolen them and deceitfully put them among their own possessions.
Joshua 7:10-11 NET

Many times, the thing that is causing us trouble is very obvious to fix. The reasons we don’t recognize it is either because (1) we don’t want to or (2) we just don’t have enough information on how to deal with it.

When the Israelites defeated Jericho, they were supposed to destroy EVERYTHING. Nothing was supposed to be left!

But one guy, who was selfish and didn’t listen, who wanted to do things his way, kept a robe, silver and some gold. As a result, he caused Israel to sin and 36 of them died trying to defeat and capture the city of Ai.

Men died because of a robe, silver and gold!

When the word of Israel’s defeat reached Joshua, he tore his clothes and prayed. What God told him in response is so powerful and should be remembered by every Believer.

Let me put it in my own words.

“Joshua, get up you big cry baby. The reason this happened is because someone didn’t listen and sinned. When have I ever not come through for you? Think about it and figure out why Israel wasn’t successful in defeating Ai!”

You see, the people were warned before they destroyed Jericho not to take anything. It was clear! Achan didn’t listen to the Word of God and because of that, he caused trouble on himself, his whole family and the people of Israel.

Could the problems in your life, the things causing you grief and heartache, be because you’re not obeying the Word of God? Or, do you need to read the Word of God more closely so you know how the Lord wants you to respond in your situation?

Trust and obey the Word of the Lord. God honors this. He always has and He always will.

Father, let me hide Your Word in my heart so that it is a lamp to my feet. Help me understand Your Word through the power of the Holy Spirit.


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