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Close but Not Correct!

Perhaps you will tell me, ‘We are trusting in the Lord our God.’ But Hezekiah is the one who eliminated his high places and altars and then told the people of Judah and Jerusalem, ‘You must worship at this altar.’
Isaiah 36:7 NET

There are many people who aren’t afraid to share spiritual advice and guidance with you. But you need to be careful that what they say truly aligns with the Word of God!

The King of Assyria sent his messenger to Hezekiah to intimidate him and the people of Jerusalem. As the forces of Assyria surrounded the city and things didn’t look good, what he said was partly correct, but it wasn’t fully accurate.

Hezekiah was trusting in the Lord. He was encouraging the people to trust too! He did tear down the altars and high places as well, but he did that because they were used in worshipping false gods. The Jews were supposed to worship in the temple in Jerusalem.

Be wary of people who speak so confidentiality and boldly, but yet don’t know the true Word of God.

Satan will distort the truth! If you don’t know the truth, you will fall into his trap!

The important thing is to know the Word of God yourself. Read it. Study it! Ask the Holy Spirit to help you as you read.

Reading and knowing God’s Word is truly important. By reading it, we know more and more about who God is, His character and what He expects from us.

Don’t be dependent only on what you hear on Sunday morning. It isn’t enough. Spend time in His Word. You won’t be disappointed!

Father, let the truth of Your Word reign in my heart. Let me live Your Word and apply it to my life. Speak to me through Your Word and the leading of the Holy Spirit.


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