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31 But Peter insisted emphatically, “Even if I must die with you, I will never deny you.” And all of them said the same thing.
Mark 14:31 NET

We often remember Peter as the disciple that said he wouldn’t deny Jesus. However, every one of His disciples said it too.

Infact, we have all done it at one point or another in our lives. How?

We have denied Him when we were afraid to speak up because of our jobs or the public place that we were in. We have denied Him when the best answer to the questions of this world is Jesus, but we don’t answer in that way.

Christians must not be afraid to speak up. We should be respectful and bold at the same time. We should do it in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Our faith should drive everything about who we are and what we do. The world should know where we stand and as a result, hear the reason for our faith.

It comes from a place of knowing who you are in Christ and trusting in Him.

These two come when you spend time with the Lord, reading His Word and spending time in His Presence in prayer.

Take time to invest in your relationship with God. Nothing else matters.

Lord, help me to care so much about You, that I don’t care what the world has to say.


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