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The Support They Need

Therefore we ought to support such people, so that we become coworkers in cooperation with the truth.
3 John 1:8 NET

John wanted his friend to know that when others supported the work of the ministry, financially or in some other way, they were co-workers with them.

Many times, because of a our circumstances and life situation, we can’t go out to the mission field. But we can still partner with missionaries in their work!

A few ways you can help are…

Of course you can give financially. Traveling to other countries costs money. When they are there, it is better for the missionary to not have to work to support themselves. That way, they can spend their time ministering and reaching the lost.

Another way you can support missionaries is through prayer. The work they are doing is spiritual. There is a spiritual war going on and the evil forces of this world don’t want others evangelized. They need prayer support!

And, you can help promote them in your church and on social media. The more people who know of their work, the better chances they have for gaining and keeping support.

You might not be able to go, but you can be a huge partner in the work of the kingdom from where you are!

When was the last time you supported a Christian missionary?

Since I’ve already written on how you can apply this, let me add here that you should keep Christian missionaries front and center of your walk with the Lord.

Many times they are forgotten unless there is a special service at church.

If you can keep a picture or postcard of the missionary, their family or their work in your Bible or close by, that will be helpful to remember what they are doing for the kingdom and how you can support them.

Lord, help me to remember to support those who have left everything behind to further Your Kingdom in other parts of the world. Help me to become involved here through financial, prayer and publicity support.


The Results of Disobedience

King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon came against Jerusalem with his whole army and laid siege to it. The siege began in the tenth month of the ninth year that Zedekiah ruled over Judah. It lasted until the ninth day of the fourth month of Zedekiah’s eleventh year. On that day they broke through the city walls.
Jeremiah 39:1-2 NET

King Zedekiah was warned. He was told exactly what He needed to do, but he chose to not be obedient.

As a result, Jerusalem fell, King Zedekiah was captured and one of the last things he saw before his eyes were put out was the execution of his sons. All because he was disobedient to the Word of the Lord.

Why do people push God? He lays out exactly what He requires, but they don’t want to believe. Hardships are endured because of a lack of faith and obedience.

Contrast what happened to Zedekiah with Jeremiah. He was found by the Babylonians under guard and freed. He could have done whatever he wanted. He was saved, freed and given options. He was obedient to the Lord.

When you read the Biblical record, it makes no sense at all to choose to follow any other way other than the Lord’s!

Don’t learn the hard way. Don’t be stubborn. Don’t get to the end and regret your decisions. Trust and obey Him now!

Zedekiah listened to all the voices around him. He was afraid of what others thought instead of obeying what the Lord wanted. It didn’t end well for him and his family.

Have you taken the time to consider what the Lord wants from you?

You should start with the Bible. There you will find the basics of what God wants for you and how you should live.

But as you draw closer to the Lord and walk in the power of the Holy Spirit, He will start revealing specifics that He wants from you.

And that should be your goal, to desire to live the way He wants you to live, the life that He wants you to have.

God is more powerful and wiser than you. He knows the future and what is best for you. It just makes sense to let Him establish your path. (Ps.16:11)

Lord, help me to understand Your Word so that I can obey You in everything. I know when I live according to Your ways, that Your hand will be upon me.


It Happens Super Fast!

Just as it was in the days of Noah, so too it will be in the days of the Son of Man. People were eating, they were drinking, they were marrying, they were being given in marriage—right up to the day Noah entered the ark. Then the flood came and destroyed them all.
Luke 17:26-27 NET

Jesus gave a very serious warning to those who would be living in the last days. He said it would be like the days of Noah (and Lot).

What was going on? Life! Everyone was busy going about their business, like an ordinary day. Then, the end came! It happened so fast and unexpected. Everyone who wasn’t in the ark perished.

But Noah, who was obedient and listened to the Lord, he and his family were saved.

The amazing thing is that the Bible only records God talking to Noah one time. One time was enough for Noah to listen and be obedient and save his family.

Do you know the truth today? You are informed. One day it will be the “Last Day.” Jesus will come back and it will be super fast!

Are you ready? Are you prepared?

There is a way of living that is so different than the world. Those who aren’t “saved” want to suck every little ounce of life out of their days. They don’t realize that this world isn’t all there is.

This world is temporary. One day it will be destroyed. But our hope and future are not tied to this world. We are tied to Heaven. We are citizens of Heaven.

The Christian needs to live ready and prepared in their relationship with God because Jesus can come back at any time.

Are you really ready? Is your heart right with the Lord? If not, don’t delay. Jesus is coming soon and it will be super fast.

Lord, thank You for allowing me to know the truth. Help me to remove anything in my life that doesn’t belong to You. Help me to be free of the hold of this world so that when it’s time, I can fly.


Love is…

And this is love: that we walk according to His commands. This is the command as you have heard it from the beginning: you must walk in love.
2 John 1:6 NET

The world has so many ideas and thoughts on what love is. Love is romantic, a feeling, acceptance, etc…

But that’s not what the Bible says. Love is walking according to His commands.

John is just repeating what Jesus said in John 14:15 and John 15:10.

Isn’t this easier to gauge? If someone loves Him, you will see it in their obedience to Him.

So where do we find His commands to obey? That is easy too, the Bible.

There is no other application than to read and know the Word of God and then do what He says to do.

This seems so easy, but few do so.

The Bible runs counter to what culture wants to do. Even when the Israelites had the tabernacle in the desert and the Presence of God visible with a cloud by day and a fire by night, they still floundered in their obedience.

It boils down to a heart issue. What is more important to you, following your fleshly desires, or what God wants from you?

Your decision, at some point in the future, will be evaluated.

Lord, I desire to walk completely in obedience to You. Help me to know Your Word and live it out.


A Word to Obey?

Jeremiah said to Zedekiah, “If I answer you, you will certainly kill me. If I give you advice, you will not listen to me.”
Jeremiah 38:15 NET

Jeremiah was always obedient to the Lord. But He didn’t have it easy. The officials didn’t like the message that was given to him from the Lord. They treated him badly and even put him in a cistern of mud.

Surrounded by the Babylonians, King Zedekiah had a secret meeting with him to inquire of the Lord. Jeremiah said what we have here in verse 15.

Did the king obey the word of the Lord? Spoiler Alert**** No he didn’t!

People are so stubborn! God wants to help you, provide for you, prepare you for what is coming, but most don’t listen!

What do you do with what the Lord tells you? Are you like so many others who hear it and then ignore it? Or do you adjust your life to it and experience what God has for you?

It’s all about being obedient to Him! It’s that simple!

God is not silent! Even today, He is speaking. He speaks through His Word, sermons, circumstances, other people, etc.

As Christians, we need to be discerning and make sure the word we are hearing is truly from God.

But then when we confirm it, we need to obey it?

This is important… God doesn’t give you a word to make you feel warm and tingly inside. He gives you a word so that you will be obedient and He can use you to further His Kingdom.

What has He said to you lately? If you can’t point to anything recently, what was the last thing you felt the Lord said? Remember, a word from Him will always line up with what the Bible says. This is another reason to know His Word.

What do you need to do to obey Him today? Don’t delay in doing it!

Lord, thank You for loving us enough to speak into our lives. You care so much about us that You don’t withhold any good thing. Help us to stand in a generation that doesn’t honor or care about Your Word. Find us faithful Oh God!


It’s Already Yours

Then the father said to him, ‘Son, you are always with me, and everything that belongs to me is yours.
Luke 15:31 NET

In the story of the Prodigal Son, we tend to focus on the sinner son who returned from foolishly spending all his inheritance.

When we take a look at the other son,the one who was obedient and did what his father asked, we usually see him as complaining that his returning brother was being treated the way he was being treated by his father.

What we don’t focus on is what the father says here in verse 31…everything is yours.

Truly, if the father divided his wealth already, everything that was left belonged to the obedient son. It was already his.

The issue is that the obedient son didn’t acknowledge it. He didn’t see himself as already having it.

“Everything that belongs to me is yours…”

The Father has given us blessings beyond blessings. He has blessed us with every blessing in the Heavenly realm (Eph.1:3). If you are His child, you are already walking in eternity.

Don’t neglect the blessings and the gifts He has already given you. Start walking in them today.

You already have joy, peace, love, mercy, forgiveness, etc. What you might not have is a revelation that you already have access to all that the Lord wants to bless you with.

Our problem is that we are not focused on what God wants and says. We are still looking at things from an Earthly perspective. Why? When you realize that this world is temporary, but the things of God are eternal, it is a no brainer.

Understand that you are a child of God. You are adopted into the family of God and have your citizenship in Heaven. This is not your home. This is not your reality.

Spend time with the Lord and find Scriptures that say you are a child of God and an heir with Jesus Christ. Then get a revelation of who you truly are in Christ.

Lord, thank You for allowing me to be Your child. Help me to live in this world, but not be of the world. Help me, while I’m here, to faithfully further Your Kingdom and do my part in proclaiming You Word.


Yeah, You Need to Fight!

Dear friends, although I have been eager to write to you about our common salvation, I now feel compelled instead to write to encourage you to contend earnestly for the faith that was once for all entrusted to the saints.
Jude 1:3 NET

You’re in a fight! There is no other way around it!

You’re in a fight against the things that would want to come against the things of God in your life. Sometimes these are things you can see. Other times, these are things you can’t, things that are in the spiritual.

Jude understood this. His letter quickly took on the tone (v3) that the Believer must fight for the faith.

Have you ever thought about your faith in that way? Don’t think it won’t happen to you!

The evil one wants you weak, not focusing on God, focusing on the things of this world and filling ALL of your time and attention on things that don’t have any eternal implications.

Don’t be lulled to sleep. Don’t become weak. Don’t allow the enemy to steal what God has already given and promised to you. Fight for it!

How do you contend or fight? This is a spiritual war and you need to fight it accordingly.

You fight in prayer. You fight with the Word of God. You fight alongside your brothers and sisters in the faith.

The enemy has thousands of years of experience and has claimed millions of lives. He is deceitful. He knows the only way to win (keep you ineffective for God), is to get you away from the faith, to keep you away from staying strong in the Lord and the power of His might.

A soldier doesn’t train only one day out of the week! But many Christians only get any kind of spiritual nourishment once a week on Sunday. That’s not enough!

Train up so you are ready to go to war. Your eternal life, the lives of your family and loved ones are at stake.

Lord, help me to keep my spiritual eyes open to recognize the schemes of evil. Give me spiritual discernment so that I can join the fight for Your Kingdom.


The Sign of Trouble

Zedekiah son of Josiah succeeded Jeconiah son of Jehoiakim as king. He was elevated to the throne of the land of Judah by King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon. Neither he nor the officials who served him nor the people of Judah paid any attention to what the Lord said through the prophet Jeremiah.
Jeremiah 37:1-2 NET

What does it take for people to listen to the Lord? We can read stories in the Bible like about King Zedekiah, shake our heads and point to someone who failed because they were disobedient. But then we turn around and do the same exact thing!

How do we do the same thing? The prophet Jeremiah isn’t running around the city still saying, “Thus says the Lord…”

We do the same thing when we don’t obey the Word of God!

It’s plain and simple and there for you to read. You can get easier to understand versions, in digital, in leather, in large print, etc. But for the most part, the Word of God still goes unread and many find themselves living disobedient lives because they don’t care to know or understand what the Lord desires and what He requires!

And for any Believer who doesn’t care to know or learn what the Lord wants for their life, revealed through His Word, it is the first sign of trouble.

It’s just too simple! Instead of reading His Word and prayerfully living according to it, people want to stay dragons and jump through hoops.

Stop and read the Bible. There are so many options nowadays. Just start!

And when you do, ask the Lord to show you how you should respond to what you’ve read. And then be obedient.

It boils down to this… Lordship. Is Jesus your Lord and Savior? Many want Him to be their Savior. They don’t like the idea of going to Hell. But many don’t want to make Him Lord. Because that would mean that He calls the shots in your life.

When Jesus is Lord, you do things His way. Jesus said, “if you love me, you will keep my commands.”

His commands are found in the Bible. That is the very reason you should read and obey what the Word of God says.

Start today!

Lord, help me to read and understand Your Word. Give me a desire to read more and more and that Your Words cone alive to me through the inspiration and understanding of the Holy Spirit.


That One Excuse

But Jesus said to him, “A man once gave a great banquet and invited many guests. At the time for the banquet he sent his slave to tell those who had been invited, ‘Come, because everything is now ready.’ But one after another they all began to make excuses. The first said to him, ‘I have bought a field, and I must go out and see it. Please excuse me.’
Luke 14:16-18 NET

Are you too busy for Jesus?

One day He will come back for His people. When He does, what will He find? What will He see in your life? Hopefully, not excuses!

Later in that chapter, verse 21 says, “So the slave came back and reported this to his master. Then the master of the household was furious and said to his slave, ‘Go out quickly to the streets and alleys of the city, and bring in the poor, the crippled, the blind, and the lame.’

When the Lord returns, He will receive all who willingly received and lived for Him. Those who allow this world and the things of this world to become MORE IMPORTANT than Him, will see a furious Master. And they will experience His judgement.

What will you do with your seat at Jesus’ table? Will you allow it to go to a stranger? Or will you be dressed and ready to attend?

We are admonished to live for Jesus and be ready for His return. We are to expect Him at any time. But many Christians allow themselves to be so entangled in this world that they start making excuses in the way they live.

Inevitably, small excuses turn into big excuses and then Jesus becomes a “nice thought,” something that happens on Christmas and Easter or when someone dies.

Don’t fall into that trap! Examine your life and don’t let anything, I mean ANYTHING come before your relationship with Jesus. Nothing in this world is worth it.

Do some self reflection right now! Seek the Lord in prayer. Ask Him to reveal to you if you are allowing something else to take His place.

The consequences are eternal.

Lord, my relationship with You is the most important thing to me. Show me if I am allowing something else to come before You. I desire You more than anything.


When It All Changes!

Then I entered the precincts of God’s temple,and understood the destiny of the wicked.
Psalms 73:17 NET

The author of Psalms 73 took issue with the fact that those who lived outside of God’s will seemed to be successful and experience all the “good” of this life.

He seemed to continue his thoughts until he entered the God’s temple. There his heart was made right and he realized how temporary were the pleasures that the wicked enjoyed.

This is the importance of God’s presence! You will begin to see and think wrongly when you don’t spend time in the Holy presence of God. You will feel like you’re missing something. But you’re not! All the world loves and what the world can give you ends in death.

Later the Psalmist says…

But I am continually with you;
you hold my right hand.

You guide me by your wise advice, and then you will lead me to a position of honor.

Whom do I have in heaven but you?
I desire no one but you on earth.

My flesh and my heart may grow weak, but God always protects my heart and gives me stability.
Psalms 73:23-26 NET.

Have you come to the same conclusion than the Psalmist?

Get into His presence!

There is something about our flesh that fights against getting into the presence of God. It has been the same since the beginning of time.

The flesh sees no value in praying, reading the Word and spending time in Christian fellowship. And if you don’t purposely cause the flesh to come under submission of the holy things of God, you will allow yourself to put off the spiritual.

That’s exactly what the enemy wants! The enemy wants you indulging in the flesh so you don’t care about your spiritual man.

Be a Psalms 73 person! Get into the presence of God and let the Holy Spirit open your eyes to reality.

Lord, I desire Your presence more than anything. Grant me times of refreshing as I choose Your pr sense over the temporariness of this world.